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6th-Oct-2009 01:21 pm(no subject)
IT crowd Moss
Oh god, it's a Snatcher fic.

Can I just say, I think this is the best unfulfilled romance of all time.

Error catch
the working title was 'doofuses go on holidays' but whatever
Rating: G
Warnings: none
What: After Snatcher; Metal and Gillian are heading to Moscow when Metal makes something of a breakthrough.

Fic here!Collapse )

4th-Oct-2009 10:20 pm(no subject)
Here's a milestone... my first threesome!  Well, not really.

Spy->Scout/Medic or some such at y!gallery (NWS)

Turning into such a stupid pervert, but it doesn't stop me being proud of the work on medic's face.
8th-Sep-2009 09:47 pm - one day I'll grow up
Because I am some kind of FANTASTIC FOOL OF A LOSER here's a TF2 art dump. I am so ashamed.

To make up for this I have Metal Gear and Snatcher artwork in progress too. Actually, that probably isn't redemption at all.

In order of worst to porn I STILL HAVE NO HATCollapse )
9th-Aug-2009 11:05 am(no subject)
So I was meant to be writing fic for ja_baby_ja but ended up drawing Scout's mom instead.

TF2 arts oh godCollapse )

22nd-Jul-2009 10:13 pm(no subject)
IT crowd Moss
Finished my IT crowd cross-stitch! It's been done before, but it was something I really wanted to do. :)

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